Selected publications by Professor Jane Chapman


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• Forthcoming in 2015: Comics and the World Wars – a Cultural Record (a monograph), Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK

• Forthcoming in 2015: Chapman, Jane L., Ellin, D and Sherif, A. Comics, Hiroshima and the Holocaust (a mini-monograph), Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK

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• Chapman, Jane (1988) Women working it out [1st ed.]. Careers & Occupational Information Centre, Sheffield, HMSO. ISBN: 8611046681989



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• Chapman, Jane L. (2012) Methodological reflections on media and counter hegemonic protest in India. In: Local Issues, Global Claims, 10 Feb 2012, Open University.

• Chapman, Jane (2012) Press, protest and freedom movements in British and French India 1928-48: do subalterns speak?. In: Research paper to Department of Modern History, 6th October 2010, 1st February 2012, Macquarie University, and the Centre of South Asian Studies, Cambridge University.

• Tulloch, John and Chapman, Jane (2010) An outlaw editor in the endgame of the Indian Empire: F. W. Wilson's radicalisation of The Pioneer, 1928-29. In: Journalism and Media History Conference, 15 September 2010, University of Sheffield.



 • Chapman, Jane (2004) 'The Place of Critical Self-Reflection: An Inquiry into Student Responses to the Theoretical and Practical Components of the Journalism Curriculum at Undergraduate and Masters Level', in CLTD (Centre for Learning & Teaching of Design) Enhancing the Curricula (CLTD, Barcelona and London) '  ISBN 0-9541439-3-0

• Chapman, Jane (2004) 'The legacy of the French Revolution and its contribution to popular journalism, democracy and citizenship' in The Narrative of Modernity:; co-existence and difference  (Proceedings  of the 9th Conference of ISSEI - International Society for the Study of European Ideas , University of Navarre, Pamplona) ISSN n/k but available

• Chapman, Jane (2004)'The International Origins of the Press Conference '(Association of Journalism Educators (AJE) ,

• Chapman, Jane (2003) Association of Journalism Educators (AJE), 'Newspaper History -Integrating Theory and Practice, 'The Guardian Project'.



 • 2009 (Sept.): Literary Journalism Studies: reader for article submission on narrative techniques in on line journalism

• 2009 (May): Journalism Studies: reader for article submission on comparative interview techniques for UK and Swedish TV and radio

• 2009 (March/April): Media History: reader for article submission on history of European regional TV

• 2008 (Feb & April): Journal of Global Mass Communication: reader for article submission on 18th century communication systems in Paris and Philadelphia.

• 2008 (Jan.) AJHA-AEJMC (Ass. for US journalism historians) - reviewer of abstracts for papers to be presented at March annual conference in New York

• 2008: Reader for on line journalism textbook, Routledge.

• 2003: Reader for journalism ethics textbook, Routledge.


Practice Based Publications and Media Industry Management



2001: Part of London College of Communication's (University of the Arts, London) 5 rated classification for practice based research (UoA 64 Art & Design panel). All 4 outputs made under the auspices of own production company, Chapman Clarke Films, with Dr. Jane Chapman as main creative producer.


2008: Part of Lincoln University's UoA 66 submission, with 15 % at 4* and 55 % at 3*, and 100 % 3* esteem indicators. I was recruited for my 'return-ables' in 2005, and the sub-panel report noted, 'that staff recruited during the census period have added to esteem through the pursuit of international research excellence.' Significantly, the sub panel report also listed 'historical' (my own specialism) first amongst the list of content areas submitted, and noted that there was work of 'international excellence across all these areas'. 


RAE 2001 submissions


• 1995: Maths Everywhere, Channel 4 International, educational public broadcasting: raised budget of £365,000 for 10 part series of innovative video with animation and graphics and books - sold worldwide to 15 countries. Reviewed by Times Higher Educational Supplement

• 1995: Raised £96,000 from Harper Collins for experimental CD-Rom and workbooks for same project.

• 1995: Forever England, Carlton TV: raised £40,000 from Carlton for international co-production project. One hour doc. feature - nominated for Anglo-Japanese Film Festival in Tokyo, screened at EU Donastia (San Sebastian) Annual Documentary Festival 1996 with EU funding

• 1996: Chaucer: Life and Times CD-ROM, International Thomson Corporation :raised £65,000 funding from subsidiary Primary Source Media, published worldwide for university market, mainly in the US.. Innovative use of historical sources such as visual archive from Bodleian Library, Oxford, with original sound recording and design of customised multi-media search engine.                                              

• 1992 - 6: Europe By Design,  BBC1 - raised £385,000 for educational public broadcasting with experimental use of 16mm film and original research in 7 different European countries.  Five half hour documentary features with series consultant Rod Hackney, former architectural advisor to Prince Charles and ex-president of International RIBA. Rated no. 4 for factual programmes in Britain, ahead of Horizon, Equinox& Panorama - screened in 16 countries on 42 different channels incl. Granada/Sky and Discovery Europe.


Other Practice Based Outputs, with fundraising attached to each project


• 1995: CD-ROM Guide to the UK Television &Film Industry, Kay's Publishing: raised  £35,000 of private sponsorship. Designed new search engine for international industry information.

• 1993: Cider People, HTV (ITV) : raised £22,000 for 30 minute documentary- top rated of the season's in HTV's 'Midweek' series

• 1991-93: The Manufactured Landscape, C4: researched and produced 6 half hour documentaries on the history of Britain's Industrial Revolution, also transmitted on ITV network -freelance for HTV, presented by Neil Cossons of English Heritage

• 1988-90: Women: The Way Ahead, C4, raised £285.000 from Open College government funding for 6 half hours documentary feature - the first ever C4 commission via the Open College- worldwide sales and their highest rated series.

• 1988-90: Women:  The Way Ahead, Open College, raised c. £40,000 for videos, audio cassettes and Open Learning Pack -worldwide sales

• 1989: Feeling for France, LWT (ITV), 2 one-hour documentaries - screened in 35 countries worldwide incl. 4 channels in US, raised c. £100,000 in sales income

• 1989: It's Your Choice, DES/COIC (HMSO), raised £26,000 in government funding  for 20 minute documentary - winner of Finalist's Award at the New York International Film Festival - Best Careers category

• 1989: The Woman Manager, Open College, raised c. £60,000 in government funding, published as part of distance learning pack with titles 'Women into Management' and 'Being Interviewed'

• 1988: Showreel 88, BBC2, raised c. £225,000 in educational public broadcasting funding for 5 forty-minute programme series and administer an amateur filmmaking competition -presented by Tony Robinson. First ever commission by competitive tender from BBC Continuing Education Dept.




Unpublished Papers

•  2009: 'De-bunking feminisation claims and Northcliffe propaganda- Le Petit Journal and The Daily Mail, 19th century popular press and women'.

• 2009:  'Disruptive Representations? Women in the Pioneer Mass Circulation Press', paper to American Journalism Historians Ass. jointly with Ass. of Educators of Journalism & Mass Communication (US) (AJHA/AEJMC) in New York, single author

• 2008: 'The rise and fall of George Sand's newspaper writing aimed at uniting capital and countryside during 1848' Modern Language Association (MLA) annual convention , San Francisco, single author

• 2008: 'Interpreting the evidence for a 'feminising' influence in early mass circulation newspapers - threat to or enhancement of democracy?', paper to Women in France (WIF) International Annual Conference, Leeds University, single author

• 2008:' Integrating theory and practice in post graduate documentary studies', Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Annual Convention, Las Vegas, single author

• 2008: 'Interpreting the evidence for a 'feminising' influence on early mass circulation- threat to or enhancement of democracy?' paper to American Journalism Historians Ass. jointly with Ass. of Educators of Journalism & Mass Communication (US) (AJHA/AEJMC) in New York, single author

• 2007: 'The theme of uniting Paris and the provinces in George Sand's journalism 1841-49': presented to annual conference ASCMF Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary France, Reading University, 'Mapping France' international conference, single author

• 2007: 'George Sand as literary journalist and newspaper publisher, 1840-1849',  AJHA / AEJMC (American Journalism Historians Association, Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication) March meeting in New York, paper presentation funded by British Academy, single author

• 2006: ASMCF (Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary France- Northern Media Research Group) in Newcastle, November. Paper: 'George Sand and the ethics of the French Provincial Press', single author     

• 2006: AEJMC (Association of Educators in Journalism & Mass Communication) Annual convention in San Francisco in August, invited (funded by organisers) panellist on history of journalists and jail- paper:  'Arundhati Roy, Jail and Censorship', single author

• 2006: AJHA/AEJMC (American Journalism Historians Association, with AEJMC History division) in New York, March: paper 'The American Muckraker, the prize winning Novelist ,  the penniless Documentarist and  the  censored Filmmaker : elements of activist journalism, old and new. ', single author

• 2004: 'The Personal is the Political: George Sand & the Struggle for a Provincial Press in France', University of Lincoln, CORAL COM annual conference (Association of Local Archivists), single author


Published Book Reviews

 • 2009 (April): Journalism Studies: review of Life on Air by David Hendy (OUP,2007)

• 2008 (April): Journal of International Communication (Australia) -review of  Broadcasting & Convergence: New Articulations of the Public Service Remit  by Gregory Ferrell Lowe & Taisto Hujanen (eds.) (Nordicom, Goteborg, Sweden, 2003)

• 2008 (Feb): H-Net- Jhistory (USA):  'The Ephemeral Sketch' - review of  Sketches of the Nineteenth Century: European Journalism and Its Physiologies, 1830-50, by Martina Lauster (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)

• 2008 (Jan.) Ethical Space:  'The Challenge to Journalism of the Many Headed Hydra'-review of Journalism, Science and Society: Science Communication between News and Public Relations, eds. Martin W.Bauer and Massimiano Bucchi (Routledge 2007)


Other Print Publications - booklets, pamphlets and popular articles

 • 1998:'Oral Cancer' article -Health and Fitness magazine

• 1991: The Manufactured Landscape - history booklet to accompany TV series, publisher HTV for ITV           

• 1990: The Women Manager, booklet to go with video, publisher The Open College 1990: The European Audio-visual Landscape- survey for Media '92 ( EU),  EAVE  publisher              

• 1989: TVEI, Students and Higher Education Dept.of Employment-booklet to accompany video  1988 : Women - The Way Ahead , booklet The Open College     

• 1988: Set to Work, publisher COIC (HMSO), booklet with video            

• 1986: New Way of Living, HTV for ITV publisher Manpower Services Commission