Take a look at Professor Chapman's television and documentary accomplishments.

Television and documentary productions

Jane has extensive professional practice experience, as a television producer (with her own independent production company, Chapman Clarke Films, for 14 years), an on screen news reporter for national commercial breakfast television (TV-am), a T.V. news senior journalist (Granada T.V. Granada Reports), an assistant producer (BBC Panorama and Newsweek), a news sub editor (HTV) and a staff researcher (Southern T.V.).

She has also worked as a magazine freelance (Health& Fitness magazine) and as a BBC Radio 4 freelance reporter (You and Yours). She has also published as an award winning documentary maker (New York International Film Festival), with over 200 broadcast television factual films, a careers advice book in 2 editions (COIC 1987, ISBN 0-86110-466-81989, COIC 1989, ISBN 0-86110-552-4), 2 open learning packs (Open College) and several CD-ROM's to her credit.

Many of her independent production company's films have been screened internationally on television, including the BBC 1 series Europe by Design (dealing with architecture and design in 7 different non British countries on the continent of Europe) which was 4th in the top ten ratings for factual programmes in Britain, selling to 30 countries worldwide. Her 10 part children's educational TV series for Channel 4 in Britain, entitled Maths Everywhere was widely acclaimed within the field for its innovative mix of documentary, animation and humour, sold to 14 countries worldwide and was accompanied by books and a CD ROM.    

'Maths Everywhere', shown on Channel 4 (UK), made by Chapman Clarke Films, Produced by Jane Chapman  

  'The Manufactured Landscape', shown on HTV (ITV in the South West of England), Written by Jane Chapman

  'New Way Of Living', shown on HTV (ITV in the South west of England), Programme Researcher and booklet writer Jane Chapman

  Front page of an article about Jane in the 'Gloucestershire and Avon Life' magazine, September 1987

  Jane Chapman interviewing Karl Lagerfeld or the BBC 1 series 'Europe By Design'

Chapman Clarke Films award winning documentary 'It's Your Choice'

Article written by Jane featured in 'Health and Fitness' magazine, January 1998